Balancing Professional Excellence and Personal Pursuits

Balancing Professional Excellence and Personal Pursuits: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. Avinash Kaushik

Dr. Avinash Kaushik is a highly accomplished individual, excelling both in his professional life as a critical care medicine expert and in his diverse array of personal pursuits. Born on September 20, 1989, in a small village in Jaipur, he comes from an orthodox Brahmin family, with parents named Sumitra Devi and Jugal Kishore Kaushik.

From a young age, Dr. Kaushik’s passion for geography, science, and mathematics was evident. His exceptional communication skills led him to participate in inter-state level debate competitions, where he secured victory twice. Alongside academic brilliance, he explored his musical talents, learning to play the guitar and winning singing championships at the inter-school level.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Dr. Kaushik pursued medical studies at PGIMS Rohtak, graduating with impeccable academic records. He continued to make a mark during his college years by organizing and mentoring various university events. In his pursuit of a career in critical care medicine, he also pursued an MBA in healthcare to gain a comprehensive understanding of related subjects.


After graduating, he served briefly in the government sector before seeking better career opportunities in Gurugram. He gained valuable experience at Medanta Hospital and further honed his skills in the CTVS department at Max Saket, New Delhi, under the mentorship of Padmashree awardee. His dedication to learning led him to complete a critical care fellowship at Apollo Hospital and participate in the CTCCM program at Artemis Hospital.

Apart from his professional achievements, Dr. Kaushik actively engages with his audience through his social media influence. He uses his Instagram account, “avgraam,” to share insights, experiences, and interact with followers. His charisma and online presence have also led to modeling opportunities and collaborations with various online media projects.


In addition, Dr. Kaushik is passionate about sharing knowledge and engaging with his audience through podcasts and live streams. His interactive sessions cover a wide range of topics, showcasing his expertise and personal experiences to connect with his followers on a deeper level.

The doctor’s love for exploration and adventure is reflected in his captivating travel vlogs. Through these vlogs, he invites his audience to join him on exciting journeys, providing valuable insights into different places, cultures, and experiences.

Throughout his endeavors, Dr. Avinash Kaushik draws inspiration from the unwavering support and guidance of his parents, Sumitra Devi and Jugal Kishore Kaushik.

Dr. Avinash Kaushik’s inspiring journey exemplifies the balance between professional excellence and a fulfilling personal life. His dedication to both his medical career and diverse interests, along with his passion for sharing knowledge and experiences, makes him a role model for many aspiring individuals.

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